Halloween – A Few Great Additions To The Party Table

So Halloween is quickly approaching and being my 6 year old’s 2nd favourite occasion of the year, only beaten by Christmas, I am now under pressure to make this year’s annual family Halloween bash better than last year’s.

Sure we had cake, sweets in the shape of spiders – so fizzy they hurt your mouth, a treasure hunt in the garden during which we almost drowned in the torrential rain and costumes so good Madame Tussaud would have been green with envy, but the inevitable truth is now we are expected to top it this year.

After going through a variety of emotions – fear, sadness, worry, excitement and finally the realisation that I actually do need to get off my bottom and source some stuff I got on the internet; a mums best friend these days where the time to go to the shops is becoming more and more scarce, and found some fab stuff. So here are my top products which will be either adorning the table or assisting in my preparation for our Halloween party this year…

1. Halloween Chocolate Moulds – Super cute – chocolates can be eaten as they are or used as cool edible cake toppers.

2. Wrapped Halloween Chocolates – Great for kids party bags, prizes for games or treasure hunt items.

3. Pirate Cupcake Kit – For those budding pirates, young and old.

4. Haunted Mansion Cupcake Stand – A cool centre piece for the table.

5. Skeleton Drinks Cooler – The perfect place to keep the drinks… Briefly!

6. A Halloween Cupcake Kit – Cute ideas in this book with accompanying decorations.

7. Ghoulish Goodies Cupcake Book – having bought and tried this out, The kids absolutely love the recipes and decorations.