Paint Your Own Cookies

I just had to share this fab idea for cookies – with the school holidays fast approaching, what a fun way to spend an afternoon with the kids. Plus at the end of it everyone gets cookies!

What you will need:
Cookie dough (home made or shop-bought)
Egg yolks
Food colouring – colours of your choice!
Sugar sprinkles (optional)
Cookie cutters
Small paint brushes

  1. Begin by preparing the paints. In a small bowl (one for each colour), place one egg yolk and a few drops of food colouring of choice. Mix well. Repeat for each colour. Set aside.
  2. Make dough, roll out cookies and cut. Now paint. Be sure to use a separate brush for each colour or you may end up with a lot of brown cookies 🙂
  3. When finished painting all of your cookies, bake according to recipe directions.

And voilà – it really is that simple!

Thanks to for the great idea!


Best Christmas Cupcake Toppings

So, you have decided on the flavour of your cupcakes, got a tried and tested recipe sorted and they are baked, smell delicious and they are ready to eat… But how to ice them? In preparation for the school Christmas fayre next week, where parents will be competing to see who can do the best cakes, I have been looking for some of the most simple yet most effective Xmas toppings… Feast your eyes on this lot!


Check out this guy – just 2 marshmallows with a minstrel on top, but kids will love this!



Really Gorgeous and decadent looking Xmas trees, from the Martha Stewart collection – lots of frosting, but what an effect!



The popular green Xmas trees from a previous blog – so simple, yet crazily effective.



Reindeer cookie and pretzel cupcakes – super simple yet the pretzels are a genius addition, I love the mix of salty and sweet, but if it is not your thing, remove before eating!



Or stars always make a great topping, these are so cute.



Happy Baking!